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Buying Guide Sunset 2

Our Sales Conditions :

1st step : At the beginning; if the buyer intends to have a legal assistance of a lawyer, a reservation contract has to be prepared and signed by both parties to take off the property from the market till the end of the inquiry. Usually it takes 1-2 weeks time for the appointed legal advisor to carry out the required searches about the property in question and prepare a report. Reservation fee is % 1 of the sales price and should be paid at this point.

If the buyer decide to proceed with the purchase then the reservation fee already paid is treated as part of the payment towards the property in question.

If the buyer do not continue with the purchase due to a legal problem then the buyer should contractually be entitled to a refund of the paid reservation fee. If a legal problem doesínt exist and the buyer decide not to proceed owing to a change of heart or mind then it is standard that he/she will lose the reservation fee.

2nd step : After the reservation contract is signed and the required reservation fee is paid, you will be presented with a report containing that the required searches on the property is completed and sale should be possible unless military authority will not reject your application.

After having the legal advisorís report you will then be expected to make a pre-payment within 21 days from the application date to Land Registry Office. Payment should be effected to the stated bank account of the seller. Since the property is ready to sale, the pre-payment (deposit) should be % 34 of the value of it.

The application includes the title deeds to the property. Also a copy of the buyerís passport and photographs has to be submitted. The documents should first has to be sent to the military head office in ›zmir where the application is considered and the location of the property is checked to ensure that it is not in a military forbidden zone or in a security zone. Here the identity of the buyer is also verified. Since there are too many houses sold to foreigners at the location of the property there should be no risk of rejection.

3rd step : When the military head office gives permission for the foreign national to purchase then the Land Registry Office may begin the paperwork to issue the title deeds of the property. After being the title deeds issued the purchaser and the seller must present themselves at the Land Registry Office. The purchaser must prove his identity by showing his passport. The seller and the buyer will sign a document prepared by the Land Registry Office to prove the transfer of the title and the title deed then issued in purchaserís name. If the purchaser is not available for any reason he may appoint an attorney to take the transfer of title on his behalf. This process can take 2-3 months from the date of the application as the Land Registry Office needs the official permit papers from the military administration in the Province ›zmir.

After having the permission from military authority the buyer will be invited for the remaining final payment of %65 of the property value to the sellerís bank account by the legal advisor. This final payment has to be transferred within 15 days by buyer. After the transaction of the remaining balance within 3 working days seller and buyer will meet at the Land Registry Office and sign the deed of sale(Tapu). During this procedure the seller has to declare that he has received the full purchase amount from the buyer and it should be written on the deed prepared by Land Registry Office. Before signing the deed (Tapu) at Land Registry Office the buyer and seller seperatelly has to pay % 1.5 of the sales amount as a tax. The signing of this document means that the land ownership is transferred to the buyer. This is usually done at the Land Registry Office. Once signed, the deed of sale (Tapu) is registered in the Land Registry.


Sizes :
Ground Floor First Floor
Living room+kitchen : 18,5 sqmt
Bedroom : 10,4 sqmt
Store : 2,3 sqmt
Corridor : 3,5 sqmt
Bathroom : 2,6 sqmt
Stairs : 5,2 sqmt
Terrace : 10,2 sqmt
Total : 52,7 sqmt
Lounge : 21,1 sqmt
Kitchen : 10,2 sqmt
Entrence : 8,6 sqmt
Corridor : 2,9 sqmt
Toilet : 2,6 sqmt
Stairs : 5,2 sqmt
Balcony : 9,6 sqmt
Total : 60,2 sqmt
Second Floor Sunset Terrace
Master bedroom : 19,2 sqmt
Bedroom : 10,3 sqmt
Bathroom : 3,6 sqmt
Corridor : 4,7 sqmt
Stairs : 5,2 sqmt
Front balcony : 8,9 sqmt
Rear balcony : 9,6 sqmt
Total : 61,5 sqmt
Terrace : 31,1 sqmt
Stairs + entrance : 8,1 sqmt
Total : 39,2 sqmt
Total general : 213,6 sqmt